During the 1940s, Herbert and Nora Dale started farming on a 9-acre smallholding called Holly Bank. They hand-milked 18 cows, selling some of the milk to a local milk round. They also kept pigs, free-range hens and grew potatoes.

After a happy decade on their smallholding, the Dale family decided to specialise in dairy cows and went on to buy Congleton Farm. They purchased their first land in 1979 at Hare Lane which grew throughout the 80s and was used to feed the home farm. Both areas remain in the business today.

Now with over 50 years of experience under their belt, the Dale family and Management Teams continue to invest in the business. Our desire has always been to be technically excellent farmers.

We are committed to travelling and talking to farmers all over the world, seeking out the best practises and new ideas. Dale Farming will always look for something to improve, to produce the best quality milk we can and preparing the business for the next generations!


Today, we have a dedicated team, with 25 full-time and 15 part-time members. Our team was founded by family members who are still very hands-on. The more significant part of our team consists of non-family members. We treat as our own, and they have become part of today’s farming family.

The future for Dale Farming is a bright one. We remain deeply committed to maintaining sustainable growth both at the farms we own and those we manage while caring for our people, land and livestock.

We aim always to keep bettering ourselves and seeking out innovation and sustainability. Learning from the best and implementing best practices with knowledge gained from around the world.


At Dale Farming, you will struggle to find a complicated management diagram or lots of extravagant job titles. What you will find is a team of very committed people working on the ground who all aim always to do the right things and try their best.

These people are supported day-to-day by an equally committed team in the office and out on the road.